Early Morning Zazen

An early morning hour of Zen meditation from 6am to 7am, Tuesday thru Friday.

These sittings are currently online only via Zoom; please see the Calendar entries for details.

Please plan on signing in sufficiently in advance to be seated and settled in by 5:55am.

There will be two periods of zazen, with a short break in between to adjust posture, stretch and resume sitting, or exit if needed.

The morning includes chanting the Gatha of Atonement and ends with the Verse of the Kesa.

Please see the Calendar entries for details.


5:55-6:00 · Incense Offering

6:00-7:00 · Zazen, Gatha of Atonement

6:30 · Adjust posture or exit

7:00-7:05 · Verse of the Kesa

Gatha (Verse) of Atonement

All karma ever committed by me since of old,

Due to my beginingless greed, hatred, and delusion;

Born of my actions, speech, and thought;

Now I atone for it all.

Verse of the Kesa (Robe)

Vast is the robe of liberation,

A formless field of benefaction.

I wear the Tathagata teaching

Serving all sentient beings.